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Solartrope Supply has been serving customers since 1981 supplying the finest solar equipment available on the market at wholesale prices. We pride ourselves on having a 24-hour turnaround time with daily shipments all around the country. We are fully stocked to satisfy all of your solar needs for photovoltaic, domestic hot water, and pool/spa heating.    

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Solar is the future and the future is here. Embrace this technology to reap the benefits by lowering your carbon footprint and your bills at the same time.


Solar Pool Heating – The Solar system that keeps your pool warm and money in your pocket.


Solar pool heating is the most economically beneficial of any solar application. Stop throwing hundreds of dollars away each month to heat your pool when you can allow the sun to do the work for you. Solar pool heating systems are simple, effective and solar pool heating has one of the quickest payback periods of any alternative energy application. Depending on energy costs, homeowners usually regain the cost of the solar  pool system in less than two years - often much less. After that, the system continues to save money. 


Solar pool heating is a simple form of  thermal solar where the water from the pool is diverted after exiting the filter onto the roof where it travels through black panels which are composed of  propylene copolymer with synergistic antioxidants and UV screen including carbon black. As the solar heated pool water exits the solar panels it travels back into the pool.


Solar pool heating components are not extensive consisting of: solar panels (4’x8’, 4’x10’, or 4’x12’), components to connect the panels together, 1 vacuum relief valve per horizontal row of collectors, adapters to connect between the solar pool panels and the 2” PVC pipe that feeds the collectors and the return line which brings the heated water back to the pool, clamps to attach the top row of headers to the roof or racking system, strap to hold the panels down on the roof, PVC pipe that runs between the pool filter and the solar pool panels and returns from the panels to the pool, a check valve to insure you do not have back flow through your pool filter, and a 3-way valve (which can be automated with a solar pool controller and actuator).


All of these items and more can be shipped as needed.